Donate to Missouri Mental Health

Donate to the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association (MPPA), a professional and charitable organization. We advocate for mental health patients, fight to protect the profession, ensure the advance treatment of mental illnesses and makes sure accessible care is available to all patients.

  • We need to do more to prevent the onset of mental health problems or their consequences such as suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, family break-down, physical ill-health, homelessness and unemployment. 
  • Your gift supports the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association in its mission to promote mental health and help those with mental illnesses, while keeping our costs low. As a champion for mental health, the MPPA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness in the great state of Missouri.

Make a donation online now using the secure form below. You may also call 573.635.5070 or mail a check made out to Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association, to 722 East Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101.

Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association
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