The MPPA Foundation

The Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Foundation is organized exclusively in scientific, educational and charitable activities within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including:

A. PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION. The Foundation will develop and fund educational offerings and projects, including in collaboration with others, designed to improve and enrich professional knowledge and skills of psychiatrists and other medical and mental health professionals in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric brain disorders. This may include programs to encourage healthier personal and professional lifestyles.

B. PUBLIC EDUCATION. The Foundation will encourage and sponsor educational programs, including in collaboration with others, to increase awareness and advance knowledge of psychiatric brain disorders and effective treatments available today. The Foundation may support educational efforts aimed at employers, the media, persons living with a mental disorder and their families, to encourage a better understanding of the causes, treatment and prevention of psychiatric disorders and their treatment. The Foundation may also support efforts to remove barriers to access to psychiatric care.

C. RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY. Support of research projects by members of the MPPA which aim to advance the biopsychosocial understanding and management of psychiatric disorders.

D. RECOGNITION OF ACHIEVEMENT. The Foundation may provide some recognition of achievement to individuals or groups who have excelled in advancing the purposes of the Foundation.

E. SUPPORT OF MPPA. The Foundation will provide support to the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association in its efforts to achieve the Foundation’s objectives such as education and research.
The Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) exempt organization and all
donations made to the MPPF are tax deductible under IRS Section 170.

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